getting started

In order to use Crypto-Bit services, out team wrote a short instruction which will introduce you to the company's services. A Bitcoin wallet should be owned by you and you must register with the company. After a very short process of registration, you must log in and make a deposit.

When this deposit is approved, usually within 3 confirmations, the money will be added to the active deposit in your account and begin accruing interest immediately. A Timer will calculate the time until the next accrual. When that time is over, you will be able to withdraw your first accrual by clicking on Withdrawal button next to your balance. Accruals are hourly.

Obtaining A Bitcoin Wallet:

There are a few reliable Web-Based Bitcoin wallets. They are effective and user-friendly. We recommend you these two:

Registratoin with Crypto-Bit.

Upon obtaining a Bitcoin wallet, the next step is registering. Please use the registration form to become a Crypto-Bit Partner. Registration is free and simple. By entering your email address, the system sends you your login details to your email.

Making an Investment

You can make a deposit by logging in and entering the Make Deposit link in your user area. Your hourly interest will be determined depending on the deposit height. Send the deposit directly to the BTC address the system generated for you.

Waiting for your accrual.

After you made a deposit and it is active, the timer will begin counting the time. An accrual will be made each 60 minutes (one hour).

Withdrawing your balance.

Withdrawal of interest is possible hourly and is instant. It can be done by clicking the Withdrawal button next to your available balance.

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