2.5% daily

min: 0.002 BTC max: 0.10 BTC


3% daily

min: 0.11 BTC max: 0.50 BTC


5% daily

min 0.51 BTC max: 3 BTC


100% after 48 hours

min 0.50 BTC max: 1 BTC

To make it easier for our investors, our experts decided to offer four simple investment plans. Hourly interest rate depends on the amount of the deposit you make and the calculation is automatic. The interest can be withdrawn every hour to your personal Bitcoin wallet.

Interest is added 7 days a week, 24 hours a day with no delays. Though trading does not occur on weekends, our platform will keep generating daily profit even on the weekends & holidays.

We want both small and big investors to be able to grow their capital; therefore the minimum investment is set to as little as 0.002 BTC.

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