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User Related

You may contact Crypto-Bit support through email or the contact form. You are allowed to change your upline once only.
No. This action is forbidden as well and will lead to permanent portfolio suspension and investigation of our finance division.

Company Related

Crypto-Bit Limited is a registered company in the United Kingdom. Our team specializes in Bitcoin trading and mining. We trade on the biggest market places online, providing stable growth for our clients.
Our team consists of financial experts with years of experience in the crypto world, especially in Bitcoin-Etherium trading, and a bigger team of IT specialists who run our mining business, constantly providing our company with Bitcoins for trading purposes, thus gaining great financial achievements and paying stable profit to our clients.
Crypto-Bit launched its online platform in order to serve clients all around the world after we saw the great potential we have.


All you need to know is written on our Getting Started page. The steps are very simple and easy.
As simple as that: people who have Bitcoins can register and join us.
In order to open a new investment portfolio, you have to make a deposit to a desired plan. All our plans guarantee stable hourly profit with instant withdrawals.
Yes. It is allowed and our financial team recommends using this feature to maximize your profits.

Money Handling

Our financial experts keep your money carefully and follow the trading opportunities in the market. Once there is a possibility of significant profit, our experts carry out the provisions of the trade and then divide the percentage of the profit to our clients.
As you already know, there are market fluctuations. But do not worry, even in the event of failure to carry out successful trading, money is insured in the company's fund and we are still able to pay profits consistently.
Crypto-Bit activities are various. Constantly expanding trading and mining allow us to offer our customers different plans adapted both to small and big investors. The percentage gain depends on the height of the deposit a client has.


Withdrawals are instant as long as your withdrawal is not smaller than 0.0006 BTC. You won't be able to withdraw amount smaller than that.
Yes. You are allowed to withdraw profits as much as you want.
Rarely there are API errors which prevent instant profit withdrawal. When it happens, there is nothing to worry about. Just cancel your withdrawal request and execute it again.

Deposit Termination

Our company allows initial deposit termination whenever you want.
You should go to your active deposits page and click on Release link and follow the instructions. Your initial deposit will be immediately transferred to your balance and you will be able to withdraw it.
Yes. Our termination fee is 8%.
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